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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Zero For Conduct (Zero de Conduit) directed by Jean Vigo.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Adam Pendleton "My Education: A Portrait of David Hilliard", (2011-2014) At Pace Gallery NYC

Davis Hilliard

New York—Pace Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works in various media by Adam Pendleton on view at 534 West 25th Street from April 4 to May 3, 2014.For his first exhibition in New York since 2010, Pendleton will exhibit four new 10-by-5 foot silkscreens on mirror polished stainless steel, a large "painting" made in black silicone as well as a video installation, My Education: A Portrait of David Hilliard , (2011–2014).

Friday, March 28, 2014

10 Books that deserve your bookshelf!.


In this selection of books we mix classic art photography like the Bruce Weber book featuring Sam Shepard a classic American Photography Book behind an amazing timeless actor. As you going through the selection of 10 many titles behave as contemporary photography with out that to be absolute, the Ari Marcopoulos new book is an example of contemporary and classic photography. As you go through the selection we powered it up with more art books and photography with curators and artists such as Donna Stein, Robert Mapplethrope,Johan Urban Berguist and many more. Please take your time and flip through our links below for more accurate picture. We love to search and find books that you are not going to find in any major online superstore. Links to the titles:

 Sam Shepard by Bruce Weber.

6-23 '13 - N6 Street - Brooklyn by Ari Marcopoulos And Katsu.

Jack Webb Suspects His Parents.

Annual Report By Andrew McLaren.

Transparencies by Iñaki Bonillas.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

When we were kings.

The film shows the buildup to the fight. Ali is shown talking about his beliefs regarding Africans and African-Americans, speaking of the inherent dignity of the native Africans and his hopes for African-Americans in the future. His relationship with the people of Zaire is shown, with the mutual love between Ali and the people of the nation contrasted with Foreman's awkward and unsuccessful efforts to build his own popularity. Promoter Don King is shown working on his first big promotion, and singers James Brown and B. B. King performing in Zaire. The film contains footage of the "black Woodstock" soul music festival accompanying the fight, which is more fully documented in the 2008 film Soul Power.[4] The film also emphasises the questionable ethics of locating the fight in Zaïre, as it was funded by the brutal dictatorship of Mobutu Sese Seko. Norman Mailer, George Plimpton, Spike Lee, Malick Bowens and Thomas Hauser gave interviews for the film, describing their impressions of Zaire, the fight itself, and particularly their impressions of Ali. The film itself contains these interviews, with many news clips and photos. The film shows much of the fight itself, particularly Ali's famous "rope-a-dope" which caused Foreman to expend too much energy and resulted in his eighth-round knockout. It describes in detail Ali's repeated use of the "right-hand lead" in the early rounds, a rarely used punch in professional boxing because it opens the boxer up for easy attack, and therefore the punch that Foreman was least prepared for. Ali is shown taking what look like heavy blows from the hard-throwing Foreman, which are lessened by Ali's quick reflexes and use of the ropes. As Foreman throws with power, Ali is able to use his trademark quick hands to damage the heavyweight champion, and in the eighth round Ali knocks out the exhausted Foreman, regaining the championship taken from him for his refusal to be drafted into the United States Army during the Vietnam War. A soundtrack album was released in 1997. It features live festival performances in addition to new music by Zelma Davis, the duet "When We Were Kings" performed by Brian McKnight and Diana King, and "Rumble In The Jungle", the final recording done by The Fugees, in a collaboration with A Tribe Called Quest and Busta Rhymes.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Updating our web looks.

For the past week we have been making our web looks more sufficient and entertaining, adding sections like the fdcinc internal, which is a photo/media library in what we have been working on for the past years. The photo/media library works like an internal hard drive for images/media to be stored. In the near future we will add a submit button were you the viewer you can add your own photo/media library based on your art experience. We believe that social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other similar platforms have taking  a big part in art photography and digital media. 

For that reason, and with so many platforms to choose from for your images/media we loved the idea for you to find a new place where you can store all your art creative media into one platform. In the mean while and still under development, we will like to share with you our own experiences in the digital world with photos taken in specific site projects based on quality art and people behind the projects along with everyday people were all subjects coexist peacefully. 

In other news we added a translate button were you can translate your subject for over 60 languages. Also we are planning to open a podcaster where a fresh voice over art news and other intelligent news will be broadcasting and the name of the podcasting station will be crack the eggs art news!, we love the tittle!. In the mean time enjoy our small improvements and we talk again soon!. 

With Respect
Your independent news collector.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jeff Elrod - Rabbit Ears At Luhring Augustine Gallery NYC.

Rabbit Ears

Luhring Augustine is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by the American artist 
Jeff Elrod. This will be the artist’s first solo show with the gallery. 

In this exhibition Elrod presents a group of large-scale abstract paintings which all come from 
images first made on a computer screen. In his view, the twenty-first century is characterized 
by our engagement with the screen, which is illusionary space. Digital images will seem to 
possess depth, but in reality they are compressed and read as a flat surface. For more information and images please click here 

Matthew Barney: The River Of Fundament trailer

A film by Matthew Barney and Jonathan Bepler
Produced by Matthew Barney and Laurenz Foundation
Visionary artist Matthew Barney makes his BAM debut with the world premiere screening ofRiver of Fundament, a radical reinvention of Norman Mailer’s novel Ancient Evenings. In collaboration with composer Jonathan Bepler, Barney combines traditional modes of narrative cinema with filmed elements of performance, sculpture, and opera, reconstructing Mailer’s hypersexual story of Egyptian gods and the seven stages of reincarnation, alongside the rise and fall of the American car industry.

The film’s central scene is an abstraction of Mailer’s wake, set in a replica of the late author’s apartment in Brooklyn Heights and featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal, Paul Giamatti, Elaine Stritch, Ellen Burstyn, Joan La Barbara, and jazz percussionist Milford Graves. Alluring and intense, this epic, multidimensional experience is a sprawling allegory of death and rebirth within the contemporary American landscape.
Written and directed by Matthew Barney
Music composed and directed by Jonathan Bepler
River of Fundament is presented worldwide on behalf of the artist by Manchester International Festival.

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